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Toilet Seat Cover

ABS Akdeniz Toilet Seat Cover
Code : 2011

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Reservoir Interior Kit

Push Reservoir Interior Kit
Code : 2012

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Has Floater / Side Floater
Code : 2013 / 2014

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Solar Energy Floaters

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Code : 2016 / 2017

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Replacement Products

Menteşe ve Bağlantı Takımları
Code : 2028 / 2029 / 2030

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About Us

Our exports, which started with Russia in 1989, continue with the Middle East countries in the following years. Hakersan has constantly improved itself by entering into new product types which are in need. Buddha has brought us into a powerful brand known in Turkey and worldwide.

By understanding the needs and wishes of our customers, we are working uninterrupted to maintain the trust of our company.

Quality in Production

Check our products, contact us for detailed information.