Founded as a family-owned company in 1971, Hakersan is one of the manufacturers of toilet seat cover, flush tank mechanism, and floater. Hakersan has been raising the quality in the sector with each passing day.

The quality of its products has been planned in a way to meet client expectations in the best way and manufactured with the knowledge and experience that accumulated within years. Hakersan , with its product quality, reasonable price policy, and spare part services, has been a continuously flourishing company in the sector.

The company started its first export with Russia in 1988. Today with a wide range of its products, It is exporting to Asia, Europe, and Middle East countries.

Hakersan continues to be a reliable brand of the sector, which bears excitement and devotion of the first days with frequently renewed production technology and rapidly growing customer portfolio.

To produce products, which are used in every area of our lives, with the best quality and durable usage specifications and present to our customers.

Our aim is to constantly improve our company and production style in line with the demands of the market. In every field that we activated, we have adapted the qualified, stable and sustainable business relationship principles.

Taking our services and quality understanding to an advanced level every day, to be among the first brands that come to mind in the sector.